Friday, 2 January 2009

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I'm going to abuse my journal this year for a game me and one of my friends (Claudi) have decided to start in order to learn the art of stock icon making. It all started out with the two of us talking about all the cities we've visited already and somehow turned into me saying I've never made a stock icon in my life - that was last November. Now we're making a game out of those two thoughts. My half will be posted here simply because I don't own a website and want my icons in one place.

What's this all about ?
Each of us chooses a city we've been to before.
Choose more or less well known sights out of the city and make icons with them (at least 10). Be creative !
Post an icon a day and let the other player guess the city - one guess per day. If they want to narrow it down by guessing the country first, that's fine.
Sort the sights so you won't start with the best known or it's no fun (no Eiffel Tower in the first icon or something).

Since this is on my lj I thought I'd let you guess as well. Comments will be sreened and icons will be added until Claudi has found the solution (unless someone else wants to keep guessing *g* - I wouldn't mind going on till the end). Then I'll post all icons with the solution in one go. This'll be harder for my f-list because they don't know all the places I've been to but there will be some you should know :)

Since I'm a day late you'll get 2 icons and two guesses today. Here we go. Hint: if the text is readable it's a clue.

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