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I couldn't resist posting this. It made me smile throughout the day :)


Oh, and I'm apparently good at making cherry icons :D *wonders which lj icon she could replace with this one*

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And picture number 2 of my cat taken on 17.01.2009. She took over the bed :)

065 Dream )

It's my dad's Birthday today and we're doing dinner and bowling (probably not much bowling for me because of the foot). The team with the least points gets 2 hours of bowling for free so I'll try my best with my mom and her friend. Yes, we're that bad and we love it :D
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Here is the first pic for the photography prompt.

029 Covered )
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He's undercover - not an agent but undercover. And thanks for clearing up how Tony could possibly be alive.

Do I really need to wait until next week now ? Oh well...

Thoughts and pics under the cut...I tried to get a good shot of the lie detector but failed *g* )
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So I've watched the first 2 eps of the new 24 Season and I can barely remember a time when Jack started a season looking that good. Usually he's a druggie or an ex-prisoner or even just a CTU agent - but in a suit ?
The rest of my rambling about the new Season will be under a cut and include a few Tony pics from the first two eps - just because I felt like doing it. Should be obvious that there are spoilers but I'm sure those who'll read it have seen it before me :) And not dial-up friendly picspam ahead as well. You've been warned.

Follow me if you want to see more of my Tony infested thoughts and maybe some general 24 stuff thrown in for good measure *g* )
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] agent_almeida for giving me the idea :D

001.Safety 002.Stale 003.Feathered 004.Hot 005.Open
006.Forever 007.Love 008.Touch 009.Colorless 010.Blue
011.Smell 012.Growth 013.Irony 014.Wrong 015.More
016.Feel 017.Muse 018.Child 019.Within 020.Pale
021.Earth 022.Torn 023.Scars 024.Stray 025.Drops
026.Against 027.Dry 028.Fresh 029.Covered 030.Bold
031.High 032.Shadow 033.Concrete 034.Vein 035.Rush
036.Yellow 037.Empty 038.Cliché 039.Central 040.Loss
041.Wonder 042.Sweet 043.Poetry 044.Heavy 045.Fall
046.Chair 047.Statue 048.Kool-Aid 049.Dark 050.Breath
051.Garbage 052.Silk 053.Teacher 054.Cream 055.Wash
056.Corner 057.Rose 058.Field 059.Two 060.Red
061.Music 062.Rope 063.Decrepit 064.Chase 065.Dream
066.Dance 067.Smile 068.Smirk 069.Reflection 070.Soul
071.Lock 072.Key 073.Rust 074.Find 075.Lose
076.Drag 077.Wind 078.Rest 079.Swing 080.Meeting
081.Vacant 082.Hazy 083.Release 084.Gather 085.Swarm
086.Road 087.Wait 088.Stand 089.Distance 090.Trapped
091.Desk 092.Detach 093.Shatter 094.Home 095.Shy
096.Tackle 097.Begin 098.End 099.Time 100.Life
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Sorry for spamming my f-list but I wanted the baby pics friends only. Karlsruhe is fair game for everyone though. You might see my slight love for all things green and architecture :D

If you're interested in my week - I can do a short summary, if not just follow the lj-cut.
Made in in 5 hours to Hockenheim on Wednesday ! My first time without any train being late.
Spent Wednesday with my best friend and her children (C&C) just talking and playing.
Repeated this procedure on Thursday.
Went home with my brother Thursday evening.
Spent Friday making a cake for his birthday and food shopping and just generally hanging out.
Friday afternoon back to my best friend and TV watching (Volver and The Covenant - both were fun but a bit predictable at times)
Saturday swimming at the lake - the weather was great but I didn't take my camera because we weren't always watching our things.
Sunday was even hotter, so we went to the lake again.
On Monday we visited a mutual friend who has three small children - we met them on Crete 2006 (Max - 3 years, Marlon and Mariella - both 11 month old twins). I have the utmost respect for her !!!!! In the afternoon we watched the "Deutschlandtour" come live through the village (cycling).
In the afternoon I took the train to Karlsruhe and stayed with my brother.
On Tuesday I spent the day in Karlsruhe - hence the pic spam.
My train left 11.25 a.m. on Wednesday but since Christian brought me to the station before work I ended up sitting in a café for about 2 hours drinking one tea and reading a book. The waitress was looking my way every 10 minutes :D
Sounds boring ? Admit it, even I think so. But with two small children NOTHING is boring. Not even the nights :)
Nearly forgot: we've decided where our next vacation is going to be - RHODOS. Probably next MAY *happy jump*

Now on to the pic spam

many pictures ahead )
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I'm sending lots of Christmas love to everyone. I hope you enjoy the day as much as I've been doing so far.
*hugs f-list*

And I didn't forget to post the pics I promised... )

Picture time

Tuesday, 11 December 2007 22:33
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Great minds think alike. I just saw that [livejournal.com profile] chris4short put up pics of her two cats and now I'm posting mine. The reason for that is quite easy to explain and even more easy to see: Danger ! Big pics ahead!

This itty bitty kitty has taken my chair hostage )

and now I'm sitting on the floor typing this. Have pity :(

And another one because she looks so cute doing it. )


Tuesday, 6 November 2007 20:07
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As promised some pics for [livejournal.com profile] chris4short :

9.30 a.m. a look through our living room window

3 p.m. shortly before I start my tutoring - if you'd asked two weeks ago, I could have given you bright red :)

3 p.m. my favourite shot: the sun was great and the yellow turned out incredible

4.30 p.m. I saw this on my way home ...

4.32 p.m. I finally turned around ... (we have fences against snow everywhere now)

4.40 p.m. the third direction (people were starting to look strangely, because I took pictures of trees next to the road *g*)

5.45 p.m. my last stop on the way and my second favourite shot - a nice big willow
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This time it's my grandmother from next door. Me and my brother brought her there yesterday at 11 a.m. after her doctor called me at 10 to get her from his office. When I arrived we had to wait before she was sent into his office again and then suddenly he told me to get her to a hospital for a check up. So we went home and packed a few things, drove all around the airport to the hospital and waited until 1 p.m. to get her to her room, where she had lunch - and we watched. At 2 we finally left and had our own lunch - better late than never. And then we had to tell our mom when she came home. Not a pleasant thing to do, I tell you. We're going to visit her again today, but the nurse said it wasn't anything bad - I won't even try to express what she told me in English. I'm happy I understood it in German :)

Not much else has happened, besides the bad weather - it's been raining since Friday.
Today's zoo photo is

a very sleepy tiger. I'm surprised at the quality of this pic as I used digital zoom and that usually doesn't work very well with my dad's camera - it's hit and miss most of the time :)
I hope you're all having a nice weekend :)

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