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Sorry for spamming my f-list but I wanted the baby pics friends only. Karlsruhe is fair game for everyone though. You might see my slight love for all things green and architecture :D

If you're interested in my week - I can do a short summary, if not just follow the lj-cut.
Made in in 5 hours to Hockenheim on Wednesday ! My first time without any train being late.
Spent Wednesday with my best friend and her children (C&C) just talking and playing.
Repeated this procedure on Thursday.
Went home with my brother Thursday evening.
Spent Friday making a cake for his birthday and food shopping and just generally hanging out.
Friday afternoon back to my best friend and TV watching (Volver and The Covenant - both were fun but a bit predictable at times)
Saturday swimming at the lake - the weather was great but I didn't take my camera because we weren't always watching our things.
Sunday was even hotter, so we went to the lake again.
On Monday we visited a mutual friend who has three small children - we met them on Crete 2006 (Max - 3 years, Marlon and Mariella - both 11 month old twins). I have the utmost respect for her !!!!! In the afternoon we watched the "Deutschlandtour" come live through the village (cycling).
In the afternoon I took the train to Karlsruhe and stayed with my brother.
On Tuesday I spent the day in Karlsruhe - hence the pic spam.
My train left 11.25 a.m. on Wednesday but since Christian brought me to the station before work I ended up sitting in a café for about 2 hours drinking one tea and reading a book. The waitress was looking my way every 10 minutes :D
Sounds boring ? Admit it, even I think so. But with two small children NOTHING is boring. Not even the nights :)
Nearly forgot: we've decided where our next vacation is going to be - RHODOS. Probably next MAY *happy jump*

Now on to the pic spam

many pictures ahead )

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