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Beware the small rant that's following:
I hate my post office ! And I hate US customs ! Does anyone really read all those declarations you have to make to get a package into the US ? I thought the prize was the most annoying thing - but I was wrong ! Filling out the forms for export topped it by miles ! And even though the woman at my village post office said it's OK in German, it wasn't !!!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH !!!!!!
positive outlook:
At least next year, I'll know how to do this right the first time around :)

Besides this all my Christmas mail and presents have been sent or at least bought / ordered (besides one plant!). Now I'm wrapping and finalizing Christmas cards, that won't be sent. And I'm waiting for my dear brother to pay me a lot of money for my work. (we usually share most presents, so he better pay me soon!) Amazon should give me something as well, as much as I've ordered there again (my future camera isn't even on the list yet) *wg*

My dad's making cookies as I'm writing this. As if the boxes I made with my mom on Thursday aren't enough. I usually eat the dough, but I don't need that many cookies. So, does anyone want some ? (Unfortunately I can't deliver to the US - I'm pretty sure there's a law against this somewhere *g* - see, I can laugh about it already)

Edit: Made it to the Christmas market twice already. It was great as always :)

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