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I'm insanely happy that this is over with because making 200 icons in 3 weeks of a guy who really hasn't enough pics floating around the internet while working and watching AI is probably just a little bit crazy :) Did anyne understnad that sentence ??? 200 icons are under the cut, made for [livejournal.com profile] 25_50_100, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] agent_almeida and [livejournal.com profile] astrum_presul for making me join the 24 fandom again :) Some of those icons I'm pretty proud of, some I had to use as fillers to make the 200. Hope you still enjoy :) Uploading took nearly as long as making them !


Carlos Bernard )

Prompt me!

Saturday, 7 February 2009 17:52
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I'm thinking about doing a timed icon challenge (someone's prodding me actually but I don't mind). Now here's the problem - I need a topic. Anything goes. People, TV shows, movies, couples, cities, buildings, flowers, any stock theme, anything besides 'text only icons' really.
So here's your task, f-list, or anyone else. Give me an idea that I can make 200 (!) icons out of while still enjoying myself. lease :D

Berlin, Germany

Saturday, 10 January 2009 22:29
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3 out of 3, so you'll get the rest of the icons :)

01.01.09 02.01.09 03.01.09 04.01.09 05.01.09
06.01.09 07.01.09 08.01.09 09.01.09 10.01.09

City icon 8

Thursday, 8 January 2009 17:15
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One out of 3 people guessed correctly. two more people to go :)

01.01.09 02.01.09 03.01.09 04.01.09 05.01.09
06.01.09 07.01.09 08.01.09

City icon 7

Wednesday, 7 January 2009 13:37
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01.01.09 02.01.09 03.01.09 04.01.09 05.01.09
06.01.09 07.01.09

City icon 6

Tuesday, 6 January 2009 11:43
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01.01.09 02.01.09 03.01.09 04.01.09 05.01.09

City icon 5

Tuesday, 6 January 2009 00:51
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01.01.09 02.01.09 03.01.09 04.01.09 05.01.09

City icon 3

Saturday, 3 January 2009 12:00
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01.01.09 02.01.09 03.01.09
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I'm going to abuse my journal this year for a game me and one of my friends (Claudi) have decided to start in order to learn the art of stock icon making. It all started out with the two of us talking about all the cities we've visited already and somehow turned into me saying I've never made a stock icon in my life - that was last November. Now we're making a game out of those two thoughts. My half will be posted here simply because I don't own a website and want my icons in one place.

What's this all about ?
Each of us chooses a city we've been to before.
Choose more or less well known sights out of the city and make icons with them (at least 10). Be creative !
Post an icon a day and let the other player guess the city - one guess per day. If they want to narrow it down by guessing the country first, that's fine.
Sort the sights so you won't start with the best known or it's no fun (no Eiffel Tower in the first icon or something).

Since this is on my lj I thought I'd let you guess as well. Comments will be sreened and icons will be added until Claudi has found the solution (unless someone else wants to keep guessing *g* - I wouldn't mind going on till the end). Then I'll post all icons with the solution in one go. This'll be harder for my f-list because they don't know all the places I've been to but there will be some you should know :)

Since I'm a day late you'll get 2 icons and two guesses today. Here we go. Hint: if the text is readable it's a clue.

01.01.09 02.01.09
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Last one finally :D Those are Amy Jo Johnson and Chris Violette icons I made just for fun. They won't be the last ones either since I only used 5 different pics - 4 for Chris and 1 for Amy.

Do you really need a teaser for Amy or Chris ? Oh well ...

Now go on, click the cut. I know you want to ;) icon spam part 6: AJJ and CV )
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I'm pretty much only making icons for [livejournal.com profile] trish_stillness since they are fun weekly challenges.

Want to see more than this ?

Then follow the cut icon spam part 5: Trish Stratus )

Stargate icons

Monday, 4 August 2008 15:27
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If you haven't noticed yet, I'm doing this alphabetically. Otherwise Stargate would have been earlier of course. Unfortunately the two of us haven't gotten along yet when it comes to icon making, hence the quite small amount for one of my favourite shows. I'll have to change that really soon.

Teasing you with

icon spam part 4: Stargate )

Roswell icons

Monday, 4 August 2008 13:20
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I'm not going to repost my M/L icons which you can find here or the actors set here obviously. That doesn't mean there won't be M/L icons at all ;) Most of those were made for icontests or out of pics from there. Any kind of order you think you've found - it's solely in your imagination :D

icon spam part 3: Roswell (82) )

NCIS icons

Monday, 4 August 2008 11:17
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I've only recently started to make those, so there aren't that many yet.

icon spam part 2: NCIS )

CSI:NY icons

Monday, 4 August 2008 09:49
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I think I mentioned that I'll be posting all of my icons here - divided into fandoms because I don't want to bore anyone too much. And even if noone looks at this it'll be a way for me to have them in one place :) First one up - CSI:NY ! Most of them were made for various icon challenges or from pics of said icontests.

Follow the cut for more of those:

icon spam part 1: CSI:NY )


Tuesday, 22 April 2008 23:05
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Since I was incredibly frustrated after my oral exam

see why )

I decided to have a look at some of my Roswell pics in order to regain my positive mood ... and I kind of accidently made two hours worth of icons out of some of my dreamer pics *blinks innocently*. They're nothing fancy - no brushes and textures, just clear pics and some text because I felt like it. I didn't weed out the best or any similarly looking icons but will post all of them instead.
Take anything you like, credit is nice, comments are nicer :) Don't use as bases, please.

Here you go )


Sunday, 2 December 2007 18:25
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Now that Christian (my big brother) has left, it's become quiet here. I just realized, that I've lived nearly 25 years with him (16 of those we shared a room). WOW ! That's a quarter of a century !
And every day for the last 8 years he's called me to show or tell me something he saw on TV, read somewhere or heard. I hated that when I was in the middle of something. Now I'm sure I'll miss it. :(
We lit the first candle today and brought out all the Christmas decoration (besides the tree). I've put everyone on my Christmas list in different categories - just a card or something more AND already finished or in progress or not even started :)

I've made some Roswell Icons yesterday - they are supposed to look like a set a.k.a. similar (right now I'm working on one for each actor with this getup).

First look... )

Afterwards I'll do the same for Stargate, even though it's harder to find good shots. And of course I'm not sure how I'll be doing those - I still need an idea on how to make them look like a set. Next weekend maybe :)

P.S.: I'm on Christmas market withdrawal :) I haven't been to one yet. Usually I've seen Leipzig's at least twice during the first week since it's practically on top of my campus. And this week doesn't look any better :(

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