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if there's a three year old running wild. Unfortunately the familiy where I'm tutoring at home did not know that. Consequently me and the girl ended up locked into the living room while daddy and Allessandro (said 3 year old) left for some friend's home. If you're wonderingabout our reaction when I tried to leave - it went something like this:
Did you lock the door ? ...Mhhh, no, why ?...Because it's locked....It can't be locked!...It is...But I don't have a key!...Well great. Now what ?
We phoned the dad who laughed at us - I could hear him - and then he called the mom, who came home 5 minutes later. Unfortunately Allessandro likes to hide keys, too, so she ended up trying the one from the kitchen and that worked as well. Good thing that I wasn't even late for my next student, which is from 7 p.m. till 8.30 ON A FRIDAY. Just so you know how I spend my Friday evenings now :D

Completely unrelated, you can find my take on the contestants of the two last American Idol shows under the cut (not the wildcard show yet, we haven't gotten that far). I think my sleeping patterns would be great for someone living in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean nowadays but I'm simply not tired as long as I sit up :D

It's 1.45 a.m. and I'm not tired because that's the best AI watching time )

And since it seems that instead of memes this week people-who-tell-you-what-not-to-write-on-your-lj get around, a huge thanks to my f-list for not saying something like that to me. I'm already angry enough about the audacity some people possess when they're online!

And just so you know that my mom named me correctly, I give you the 'What your initials say about you' meme. I think it's pretty accurate.

CH )
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Sorry for spamming my f-list but I wanted the baby pics friends only. Karlsruhe is fair game for everyone though. You might see my slight love for all things green and architecture :D

If you're interested in my week - I can do a short summary, if not just follow the lj-cut.
Made in in 5 hours to Hockenheim on Wednesday ! My first time without any train being late.
Spent Wednesday with my best friend and her children (C&C) just talking and playing.
Repeated this procedure on Thursday.
Went home with my brother Thursday evening.
Spent Friday making a cake for his birthday and food shopping and just generally hanging out.
Friday afternoon back to my best friend and TV watching (Volver and The Covenant - both were fun but a bit predictable at times)
Saturday swimming at the lake - the weather was great but I didn't take my camera because we weren't always watching our things.
Sunday was even hotter, so we went to the lake again.
On Monday we visited a mutual friend who has three small children - we met them on Crete 2006 (Max - 3 years, Marlon and Mariella - both 11 month old twins). I have the utmost respect for her !!!!! In the afternoon we watched the "Deutschlandtour" come live through the village (cycling).
In the afternoon I took the train to Karlsruhe and stayed with my brother.
On Tuesday I spent the day in Karlsruhe - hence the pic spam.
My train left 11.25 a.m. on Wednesday but since Christian brought me to the station before work I ended up sitting in a café for about 2 hours drinking one tea and reading a book. The waitress was looking my way every 10 minutes :D
Sounds boring ? Admit it, even I think so. But with two small children NOTHING is boring. Not even the nights :)
Nearly forgot: we've decided where our next vacation is going to be - RHODOS. Probably next MAY *happy jump*

Now on to the pic spam

many pictures ahead )

Happy Birthday !

Saturday, 7 June 2008 00:28
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Happy 25th Birthday ana_k !!! Hopefully you'll have a nice week-end without work for you to spend with your lovely fiancée (not that your any less lovely *wg*).
Since you were both dubbed coffee/café/starbucks (or something) ducks I took the liberty to change your name for this one birthday greeting - since you are indeed still younger than me :D If you found another name for yourself I'll happily change it. (I think I'll need a list with the duck names)
*gives incredibly big birthday hug that reaches over to England* Sorry for being so late - I got distracted by a 4 hour phone call.

Happy Birthday Cherylynn )
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... and best wishes to everyone. It's like Christmas and Easter all in one here a.k.a. we woke up to a white winter wonder land this morning. The men needed to build a snowman of course - it was even bigger than Colin, and they freed the grass from the snow as well. Kind of a good two-for-on-deal :)
I asked my dad to take a snow pic and I'll probably post it next week (since it's already Sunday *g*).
My written exams are all done now - not sure how good or bad it went. Now I'm sitting on my thesis - or should be, instead of writing here :D And I need to prep for oral exams as well (5 !!!). Hopefully I'll know the schedule soon so I can finally book the flight to AT !!!!!! So close now :)

After exams I'm back on track with my cinema-going: I saw 27 dresses 2 weeks ago - wonderful if you love romantic comedies like I do. We should see Jumper in April hopefully, and I know there was something else we'll watch next week (but I forgot) - Claudia !!! Remind me !!!
King Kong's on TV tonight (Peter Jackson), so that's another one off my list and then Madagascar tomorrow. Yes, Disney/Pixar do good work most of the time. (Horton is probably an exception - the title is just too dumb for me to watch *g*)
I feel like summer already because most of my TV-series are over (SGA Season 3, Heroes 1, CSI:NY 3, Criminal Minds 2,  Prison Break 2, Numb3rs is nearly finished as well), but re-runs aren't so bad and I still have NCIS, the rest of Numb3rs, House and Monk and CSI:Miami. Me thinks I watch too much TV :D 250 episodes in 2008 is a joke !!!
Jason Behr is calling me right now - I have the Tattooist lying around and I'm quite anxious to watch it. Now if only I had the time :( But he's pretty patient, he won't go anywhere unless this notebook crashes, which I hope won't happen.
Not much else going on right now - just studying. My life is too boring for LJ :D

So here's a little something: *imagine happy Birthday melody*

Happy Easter to you !!!
Happy Easter to you !!!
Happy Easter dear f-list !!!
Happy Easter to you !!!

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