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... and best wishes to everyone. It's like Christmas and Easter all in one here a.k.a. we woke up to a white winter wonder land this morning. The men needed to build a snowman of course - it was even bigger than Colin, and they freed the grass from the snow as well. Kind of a good two-for-on-deal :)
I asked my dad to take a snow pic and I'll probably post it next week (since it's already Sunday *g*).
My written exams are all done now - not sure how good or bad it went. Now I'm sitting on my thesis - or should be, instead of writing here :D And I need to prep for oral exams as well (5 !!!). Hopefully I'll know the schedule soon so I can finally book the flight to AT !!!!!! So close now :)

After exams I'm back on track with my cinema-going: I saw 27 dresses 2 weeks ago - wonderful if you love romantic comedies like I do. We should see Jumper in April hopefully, and I know there was something else we'll watch next week (but I forgot) - Claudia !!! Remind me !!!
King Kong's on TV tonight (Peter Jackson), so that's another one off my list and then Madagascar tomorrow. Yes, Disney/Pixar do good work most of the time. (Horton is probably an exception - the title is just too dumb for me to watch *g*)
I feel like summer already because most of my TV-series are over (SGA Season 3, Heroes 1, CSI:NY 3, Criminal Minds 2,  Prison Break 2, Numb3rs is nearly finished as well), but re-runs aren't so bad and I still have NCIS, the rest of Numb3rs, House and Monk and CSI:Miami. Me thinks I watch too much TV :D 250 episodes in 2008 is a joke !!!
Jason Behr is calling me right now - I have the Tattooist lying around and I'm quite anxious to watch it. Now if only I had the time :( But he's pretty patient, he won't go anywhere unless this notebook crashes, which I hope won't happen.
Not much else going on right now - just studying. My life is too boring for LJ :D

So here's a little something: *imagine happy Birthday melody*

Happy Easter to you !!!
Happy Easter to you !!!
Happy Easter dear f-list !!!
Happy Easter to you !!!

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