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Wow, I just realized that I haven't posted any thoughts on the last two episodes of 24. Yesterday's just finished downloading so I haven't seen it yet. I usually write down anything while watching the show. That results in completely unrelated thoughts like the following:

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And for everyone who wants more of this

and doesn't care about my rambling
I give you some very dial-up unfriendly Tony goodness )
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Well, I've cried my way through Extreme Makeover, laughed my way through American Idol and somewhat drooled my way through 24 again yesterday night :) This morning my three kids drove me crazy as always but I survived. Made a cake for my dad's birthday party. The dough was great ;)
*huge tackle hug* for [livejournal.com profile] chris4short. I loved everything(!) you sent me and no, I didn't get the bags in December.

Not too much to say about 24 but as always some Tony pics )
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He's undercover - not an agent but undercover. And thanks for clearing up how Tony could possibly be alive.

Do I really need to wait until next week now ? Oh well...

Thoughts and pics under the cut...I tried to get a good shot of the lie detector but failed *g* )
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So I've watched the first 2 eps of the new 24 Season and I can barely remember a time when Jack started a season looking that good. Usually he's a druggie or an ex-prisoner or even just a CTU agent - but in a suit ?
The rest of my rambling about the new Season will be under a cut and include a few Tony pics from the first two eps - just because I felt like doing it. Should be obvious that there are spoilers but I'm sure those who'll read it have seen it before me :) And not dial-up friendly picspam ahead as well. You've been warned.

Follow me if you want to see more of my Tony infested thoughts and maybe some general 24 stuff thrown in for good measure *g* )

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