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Well, I've cried my way through Extreme Makeover, laughed my way through American Idol and somewhat drooled my way through 24 again yesterday night :) This morning my three kids drove me crazy as always but I survived. Made a cake for my dad's birthday party. The dough was great ;)
*huge tackle hug* for [livejournal.com profile] chris4short. I loved everything(!) you sent me and no, I didn't get the bags in December.

Not too much to say about 24 but as always some Tony pics (and a Jack one maybe?) - I'm having fun making icons with those which I will post eventually. I really wish I had more icon space on lj but I'm not going to get a paid account just for that. And after eason 7 I may just have to get back and cap some more as this is turning out to be a lot of fun.

On to the episode: 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.

Tony looked really uncomfortable when Emerson beat up Matobo's head of security. He kind of looked that way a few times throughout the episode and if I were his bad guy best friend and had seen that, I'd be hard pressed to trust him. Not that I'm personally complaining.

Funny how fast Tanner can file a complain against the FBI and get an attorney general to work on it. Hasn't it been less than an hour ago ?

I loved Tony and Jack in the kitchen :D Don't ask me why, it was kind of cute (if you ignore what they're wearing).

Tech guy (forgot his name) is having an affair ! Never would have guessed that. Shame on him !

I never expected Matobo's wife to open the door, I thought he might to save her but not the other way around. Especially since she seemed so confident before.

Renée ! Every agent that goes in alone is always captured. She should watch more TV ;P

Mrs. President needs better 'old friends' and Mr. President's husband a better guard. I knew I didn't trust this guy.

I wonder how anyone is supposed to find Renèe now. And Jack even tried to tell her that he's not the bad guy she thinks he is. It looked like a test though. Watching them kill and bury an FBI agents to see whether they're loyal ? Or maybe Emerson just always looks like that, who knows ?

He looks pretty unhappy to me...

...maybe even angry.

The kitchen is awesome...

so let's cook something :)

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