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He's undercover - not an agent but undercover. And thanks for clearing up how Tony could possibly be alive.

Do I really need to wait until next week now ? Oh well...

Well, Renée is becoming a female Jack Bauer. Not sure what I think about that yet.

Enter Bill and Chloe. The scene between her and Jack was sweet.

'How big is your team?' Just us three. So hilarious :D

Tony and Jack undercover together - that's a first.

They have so many storylines going as always - the president, her husband/son suicide, Jack/Tony/Chloe/Bill, the FBI, the guy and his wife who's on a plane, a few Africans... The whole conversation between Henry and Samantha went over my head - stock exchange language isn't my forte at all. I understood the Africans speaking French better than that :D

The way Tony jumped out of the parking garage made me think of vampires. I've clearly seen too much Twilight and read too much fanfiction :) Jack's escape was equally cool though. The whole scene was great :)

And now my absolutely favourite scene - and not just for the obvious - Janis getting Tony hooked to the lie detector. She was so adorably uncomfortable - and the question about whether he's comfortable ? He's supposed to be a terrorist, woman ! LOL

That's all I can remember right now. Now on to the pics - sorry for going a bit crazy about his facial expressions. I was just so glad he had more than one in this ep ;D

Episode 3:

Still indifferent Tony

No words - just enjoy the scenery:

He looks kind of ... bored ?

...suspicious about what she's doing...

...I have no idea what he looks like, honestly.

No words AGAIN :)

Now how much more fun would it be if that had been Michelle ;P

Nice shirt!

...annoyed ?

Don't re-dress him !!!

And back to indifferent *sigh*

Come on, Tony, you know you want to smile.

Watch the eyes:

I might have a bit of a mouth fetish to go along with the voice one

Come on !

He's alive in there !!!!!

That just makes me want to hug him.

Much better

He grinned :D It's pretty hard to cap, but he did !

Action!Tony's back

Episode 4:

More of the 'hug me face'

Now this one looks familiar - S3 and Ms. Saunders, anyone ?

On his way to some more action...

...better bring a gun.

So far so good. Can't wait for more.

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